think your customers won’t notice sloppy AI copy?

think again.

With creative assets looking and sounding more artificial “intelligence”-driven than ever, Potato Chip offers boutique creative agency and production services with a classic, creativity-driven approach.

Call us Luddites, but we think that writing for people should be done by people.

Face it: an authentic connection between a business and its customers relies on reaching out organically using real human language — not whatever a tech conglomerate’s chaotic robot decides to spit out.

So, we don’t cut corners. Instead, we create words, sentences, paragraphs, scripts, and videos that actually mean something that’s backed by facts. (Wild, I know.) Consider us a palate cleanser against that processed meat feeling of those other advertising and marketing firms.

our approach

Our experience in producing, writing, magazine and book publishing, advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization can help your customers find your message — wherever they are.

Build genuine interest in your brand by presenting content your audience can relate to.

With our network of writers, copyeditors, graphic designers, illustrators, developers, video producers, and video editors, Potato Chip wants to help you do just that.

authentic voice

Let’s build a brand that avoids lame corporate-speak. You’re a human being running a business, and your brand should feel personal and genuine. We believe in producing sensitivity-aware content that makes sure you say everything you want to without sounding, y’know, dumb.

design-considerate copy

What you read is just as important as what you see. With an eye towards design-friendly copy that never sacrifices an original tone, we work hard to apply a graphic design background to keep your content on-brand and quality-controlled.

big-picture thinking

Whether you’re building a new business from the ground up or looking to put a new spin on an existing one, traditional ideas can only get you so far. So why not forge your own path? Potato Chip loves brands with big ambitions. Let’s make yours stand out.

want to know more about working with potato chip?

select past clients

Charline “Charlie” Tetiyevsky
A photograph of Charline Tetiyevsky, a white Jewish person assigned female at birth, outdoors.

A former local journalist whose photographs have been published by National Geographic Kids, CBS News, and many other outlets, Charlie worked their way up from writing SEO blogs and video scripts to become the interim marketing lead at a non-profit that pulled in $14 million over yearly expectations during their tenure.

Charlie is a represented producer, screenwriter, and commercial writer whose work has appeared in multiple film festivals and on television. They have worked with clients in many industries, including entertainment, apparel, digital media, gallery, publishing, non-profit, hospitality, healthcare, cannabis, law, pharmaceutical, biotech, and e-commerce. 

They graduated from Columbia University with honors in 2012 and have lived in New York, Sydney, and Los Angeles. They are an occasional actor and can be seen in the finales of Succession and the Gossip Girl reboot among other shows.

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