We’re proud to offer boutique agency services tailored to each individual business. Our services are available à la carte, and we’ve also made it easy for businesses to get all-in-one consulting and creative packages.

Every business is different. Potato Chip takes a bespoke approach to helping you figure out how to launch or update your brand with the right angle from the get-go.

By leveraging our experience in creative writing, art, traditional advertising, digital marketing, social media enhancement, and web presence optimization, we can help your customers find your message wherever they are.

creative consulting

Get specific and actionable advice about your brand’s concepts, copy, and design

Maybe the vibe’s off on your subway ads you designed in ’94. Maybe you’re not feeling aligned with the way your brand looks these days. Maybe you’ve just had writer’s block.

Whatever the reason for the malaise, we can help you refresh your creative from concept to customer. By assessing your brand’s copy and design on an original rubric we can get a more objective view at what you’ve done so far and where you want to go.

We can offer you detailed feedback on your past creative, whether you’ve run television campaigns or just a few internet ads.

And we can use that to work together to realize your vision for how your company is seen.

What are your big ideas? Your aspirations? Let’s build a ladder to them and help you climb a few rungs. Let us help you make it happen.

organizational consulting

Find out how your creative team works best and what you can do to help

Some people believe in structuring a company around computerized HR surveys and impersonal algorithmic analyses.

We don’t.

We believe change should be based on individual employee experiences and interview-based research to put the successes of your business and team first.

Our organizational consulting services help you figure out what is and isn’t working for your company’s creative workflow.

Work with us to establish efficient standard operating procedures for inter- and intradepartmental creative work.

Let’s free your talent from having to waste time with annoying inefficiencies and let them use their full potential instead.

creative direction

Solutions for making and releasing creative campaigns

A great advertising and marketing campaign led by a strong creative team can drive your business in the right direction.

Let’s figure out where you want to meet your audience and how we can get you there.

Together we can build, plan out, and execute your campaigns, whether you want to advertise through print, digital, merchandise, television, or everywhere.


Making sure you write it right, alright?

Make sure people hear what you say and understand what you mean. Let’s identify your most urgent messages and discover a voice that works for your audience.

From ad taglines to commercial scripts, SEO blogs to video captions, the copy in your ads, on your websites, and below your social media posts reflect you. Keep your voice consistent and your quality high with our writing and editing services.

Get it right instead of getting dragged.

web presence optimization

Be seen by the neighborhood and the world

Why put it out there if no one’s going to see it?

It’s a big internet, and we want to help you stand out with what you’ve got going. Together we can grow your web presence and draw real, human traffic to your website and social media pages.

We’ll analyze your existing web and digital copy — that’s blogs, social media captions, and SEO copy — to find places where we can make your writing work more effectively for you.

film & video services

Contact Potato Chip for more information on creative development, screenwriting, and producing services

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