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What Are They Good For?

Narrated by Joe Barlam
Directed by David Diperstein
Written by Charline Tetiyevsky

An 1ntercontinental, LLC & Potato Chip, LLC Production

Educational Documentary (January 2023)
12 min.

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A short educational nature documentary tackling one of today’s most pressing scientific questions: what good are birds?

Featuring vibrant avian footage and a range of interesting bird facts from a variety of cultures around the world, Birds: What Are They Good For? is a humor-filled examination of the role birds play in their environments and how we impact them, too.

Birds? What Are They Good For? aired on NVTV Belfast, Latest TV Brighton, KMTV Kent, and Sheffield Live! Sheffield in May 2023 in association with the Inheritance Festival and their partner Virgin Media. The documentary will screen at the 2023 Steve Aronson International Film Festival in Costa Rica and the 50th Ekotopfilm Envirofilm Festival in Bratislava and Banska Bystrica, Slovakia in September 2023. Birds? What Are They Good For? was also a part of the Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions.


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