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Saturn Returns

Charline Tetiyevsky
Poetry, First Edition (March 2023)
84 pages
$ 10.99 (Paperback)

The first full-length book of poetry from the author of Things to Keep the Living Alive, Saturn Returns is a wry examination of love, the loss of self, and early adulthood in the dissociative digital nascent space age.

At turns heartbreaking and punishingly funny, this latest collection of poems by Charline Tetiyevsky explores the astrological concept of the Saturnic return, a heralding of adulthood signaled by the roughly 30-year path that Saturn takes to travel around the sun. By setting their collection with reference to the astrological framework within which some millennials and their ancestors have found meaning, Tetiyevsky suggests that poetry, like astrology, can at its best work as a personal cipher.

About the author

Charline Tetiyevsky’s essays, prose, poetry, and non-fiction have appeared in various print, online, and literary magazines. Saturn Returns was written in New York, Australia, and Los Angeles while Charlie worked as a non-fiction writer and journalist covering politics, psychedelics, popular music, and porn. They graduated from Columbia University with a degree in creative writing in 2012. They are currently writing their forthcoming debut novel and are shopping around several screenplays and TV shows.

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